(Corporate Social Responsibility)

From the design stage to the end of a machine's life, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is involved in each of our actions with the priority of improving day-to-day life for our customers.

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    Sustainable Design

    • Measurement and improvement of the fuel consumption of machines (REDUCE Fuel)
    • Creation of an eco-design working group
    • Incorporation of the total cost of ownership from the design stage (REDUCE TCO)
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    Responsible purchasing

    • Responsible Purchasing Charter signed by 180 suppliers
    • Supplier CSR rating
    • Co-development and productivity projects
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    Optimised Procurement & Distribution

    • CSR self-assessment for carriers
    • Truck payload optimisation calculator
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    Clean and safe production

    • Plan to reduce energy and waste
    • Checking of emissions
    • DANTOTSU approach for analysing workplace accidents
    • ISO 9001/14001 audit
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    Committed employer

    • Internal satisfaction survey
    • Women by Manitou Group network
    • Sustainable development week
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    New modes of consumption

    • "ALL-IN" packages
    • Easy Manager
    • Eco-driving (training & advice)
    • Extended warranties
    • Reduce Risks programme
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    Extension of service life

    • Corrective and preventive maintenance
    • Reduction of the total cost of ownership
    • User safety and comfort
    • Genuine parts
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    Reuse and Used Parts

    • Second-hand market (used.manitou.com)
    • Logistics centre, Spare parts
    • Machine reconditioning centre
    • Reman (remanufactured) parts
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    Recycling and Recovery

    • Mapping of substances and materials at end of life
    • Work on ease of disassembly
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