Improve the TCO of our machines

The TCO is a major challenge for Manitou.We want to provide you with increasingly innovative, environmentally friendly machines, as well as a range of services tailored to your needs to reduce your TCO

With our Machine innovations

Proportional management of engine speed

Engine speed adapted to demand, avoids excessive consumption

Stop & Go

The engine stops after idling for over 1 minute.

  • Lowers fuel consumption:
  • Up to 30% reduction on construction machines
  • Increases the usage time of the machine
  • Spaces out maintenance operations (e.g., oil change, etc.)
    • Impacts maintenance jobs and resale value

    Eco mode

    Electronic control of hydrostatic transmission to the "strict minimum".This involves optimisation of engine speed while maintaining the moving speed.Depending on the machine model, eco mode acts on the transmission only or on the transmission and hydraulics.


    Reduction of engine capacity for equivalent power for better energy efficiency and improved engine performance.

    Regulated ventilation system

    Regulation of fan speed depending on the engine temperature:4% less consumption

    With our Services

    Maintenance contracts

    A manufacturer contract guarantees optimised maintenance, performed by trained, qualified technicians and helps to add value to your equipment when it comes to reselling.

    Connected machine

    Easy MANAGER, the solution for your productivity.This service helps you to optimise maintenance of your equipment and therefore increase its resale value.

    Second-hand market

    Buying Manitou equipment guarantees you premium equipment with a high resale value on the market, which helps to significantly reduce your cost of ownership.

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    Spare parts

    Using genuine parts guarantees compliance with original standards and the continued performance of your machine, and adds value to your equipment when it comes to reselling.


    Discover our online TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator to find out the fixed and variable costs associated with use of your machine.

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    Fuel consumption alone accounts for more than 30% of the total cost of your machine.
    With this in mind, the Manitou Group has developed its REDUCE Fuel program

    Discover reduce program