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The SIMA INNOVATION AWARDS reward the Eco-Stop function!

The Manitou group has been awarded with a bronze medal for the Eco-Stop, a feature available on almost the entire MLT agricultural range. It automatically turns off the engine when idling and the operator is away from the cab. This feature reduces the total cost of ownership for the user by saving on fuel consumption and preventative maintenance, while minimizing machine depreciation.

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The SIMA INNOVATION AWARDS reward the solution the end-of-life machines revalorization solution !

The Manitou group has been awarded with a bronze medal for its the end-of-life machines revalorization solution . It deals with the end-of-life telehandlers. The objective is to create a responsible & sustainable approach with a concrete dismantling process, in the aim to recycle et revalorize differents spare parts. This focal area is also designed to expand activity in the area of “REMAN” reconditioned and used spare parts.

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European Business Award for the Environment

2014 yılında Sürdürülebilir ve Enerji Geliştirme üzerine Çevre Bakanlığı tarafından verilen İşletmeler ve Çevre Büyük Ödülü'nün ardından, 2016 yılında Manitou grubu, REDUCE programı ve beraberinde RSE performansıyla Avrupa Birliği Çevre ödülü (EBAE Award) finalistleri arasına kalmıştır.